We assist you with everything from tenant management to the development of your portfolio.

Lease/Tenant Management

Financial Management

Portfolio Development

Facilities Management

Contractor Management




Health & Safety

Lease/Tenant Management

We assist agents and professional representatives to carry out rent reviews and renewals on your behalf to maintain your returns and property value.

  • Manage the bulk of the paperwork related to lease administration e.g. Surrender of lease, lease renewals, subleases etc.
  • Efficient rent monitoring and collection processes.
  • Minimize or eliminate vacancy periods.
  • Make regular contact with tenants, providing prompt maintenance and continual communication that minimizes disputes, arrears and other problems.
Portfolio Development
  • Assist clients in building their property portfolio by researching the market and presenting properties that best suit the client’s requirements.
  • Assist with the negotiation, analysis and purchase of properties.
Contractor Management

Our extensive contractor and supplier database ensures maintenance and repair work is actioned promptly, effectively and at the best possible price

  • Engage and oversee all maintenance and service contractors required to maintain the property and services to a suitable standard.
  • Managing ongoing contractor performance and ensuring health and safety policy and procedures are followed at all times.
Health & Safety
  • Formulate and manage a Health and Safety Plan for the property in respect of all statutory and other obligations for the safety of persons on the property.
  • Manage health and safety requirements for all contractors, including inductions, Site Specific Safety Plans and permits.
  • Document and maintain a site hazards register.
  • Track and observe contractors compliance onsite
  • Provide health and safety compliance reporting
Financial Management

We offer an all-encompassing financial management service from budget strategy, operational expense (OPEX) setting and administration, day to day accounts administration and receivables, through to end of year reconciliations which incorporates:

  • Collection of all rent payments and other revenue in respect of the property.
  • Payment of all expenses and outgoings related to the property out of the income of the property.
  • Pay distributions to owners and investors, verified by appropriate documentation.
  • Provide financial reports including quarterly reports and audited annual financial statements.
Facilities Management

Our Property Management and Facilities Management teams work closely in providing pre-emptive, but also responsive management of property maintenance and services requirements which incorporates:

  • Management of day-to-day key services
  • Negotiation and  management of service contracts
  • Establishing and managing annual operating expenditure budgets
  • Systems and processes to maximise the life expectancy of assets
  • Enhancing operational efficiency: Energy efficiency, Services efficiency

Ensure that all appropriate territorial authority and statutory compliance requirements are kept up to date and satisfied including the following:

  • Arrange for the annual Building Warrant of Fitness to be issued by the territorial authority in accordance with the Building Act 2004.
  • Liaise with Territorial Authorities as required.
  • Handle all other matters including approvals, inspections and reports reasonably pertaining to the administration and management of the property in accordance with the Property Management Agreement, the principles of property management, and compliance with appropriate legislation.
  • Arrange appropriate insurance for the property and attend to any claims or tenancy / business use changes on the property.

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